Expanding the Historic District

The Craftsman Village Historic District has a subcommittee comprised of Patrisha Krinke, Peggy Kozlowski, Michele Mar, Anna Marie Cruz, Brian Ulaszewski and Bill Maurer that is currently researching the possibility of expanding the district west to Alamitos and East to Cherry. The subcommittee is an all-volunteer group that has been documenting and researching all the houses in this area. The links below provide information on what we have done so far. Along the way, we have learned a lot about the history of life in Long Beach and uncovered a number of exciting facts about our area.


Expansion Maps - This page provides maps of the proposed expansion area.

Expansion Narrative - This narrative provides a historical and social overview of the proposed expansion area.

Primary Documents - This page will take you to early 20th-century newspaper articles about some special features of the proposed expansion area, including Ewart Court - now called 9th Place - and a historic bungalow on Cerritos.


















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