We are located in the heart of Long Beach. Unlike many of the other cities, Long Beach has not torn down many of its historical neighborhoods. Click here for a map of the Craftsman Village Historic District (note that the district was renamed after this map was produced).

We are located just two blocks from the Museum of Latin American Art and an easy bike ride to the East Village Arts District, Rose Park, and Carroll Park.

Within Walking or Biking Distance

A museum that is within walking distance of our district, it contains paintings from such notable Latin American artists like David Alfaro Siqueiros and Rufino Tamayo.

East Village Arts District
We do have an arts district nearby. It contains a number of galleries and restaurants.

4th Street Retro Row
We are within walking distance of Retro Row; it has a number of vintage stores focusing on Mid Century Modern Design.

Shoreline Village
Located directly across from the Queen Mary, it contains a number of restaurants and specialty stores close to our disrict.

Queen Mary
Of course, we are close to this Long Beach icon.

Aquarium of the Pacitic
Located near Shoreline Drive, it is within biking distance of our area.


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