General Craftsman Architecture
Arts and Crafts Movement Related Websites

Craftsman Perspective: A Visual Guide to Arts and Crafts Architecture
One of the oldest websites on this subject, it is a good start in terms of understanding this particular architectural style.

Index to Historical House Architecture
Provides primarily some text based content on the style.

American Bungalow Magazine
The online presence of the magazine devoted to the Craftsman home.

Founders of the Arts and Crafts Movement 1870-1900
This website provides a historical perspective of the movement.

The Noble Craftsman We Promote: The Arts and Crafts Movement in the Midwest
From the University of Toledo, this website focuses on the Midwest, but it can contain some helpful information.

The Arts and Crafts Society
This website has an easy user interface, and some information on the Sears Roebuck Kit Homes.

The Gamble House by Green and Green
One of the most important examples of this architectural style in the Los Angeles basin, it was built in 1908 and located in Pasadena.

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
His name comes up quite frequently since his career also coincides with American Arts and Crafts movement. This is the website of the foundation which is located at Taliesin West.

The William Morris Society
This website is devoted to one of the founders of the movement.

About Dard Hunter
This website is devoted to one of the pioneers of the movement in particular with paper making.

William Morris and His Circle
From the University of Texas, Austin, this website focuses on his book designs.

Elbert Hubbard, Roycroft and the Arts & Crafts Movement in America
A website that focuses on the contribution of Roycroft to the Arts & Crafts movement.

Local History

Historical Society of Long Beach
Located on 4260 Atlantic Blvd, there are a number of resources for local history.

Long Beach Heritage
This is a nonprofit group dedicated to preserving the cultural, achitecture and neighborhood heritage of Long Beach, CA.

Long Beach Public Library's LB History Archive
This would be a good area to start if you are researching local history. There is also a Digital Archive.

Long Beach Public Library: How to research a LB Home
Go here if you wish to start to research your house. Currently, you can not access it from the comfort of your home, but the process is explained on this page. You will have to actually visit a library to do this.

CSULB's Library: Long Beach and Local History index
You will have to be a CSULB student to access some of these databases from your home, but you can access if you go on campus. There are a variety of links to relevant websites. More for researchers than general browsers, it can be a good start if interested.

Jewish Journal review of Towers of Gold
This is a review of a book about Isaias Hellman. He's relevant since one of the core streets in our neighborhood is named after him.

Francis Dinkelspiel's Website.
Author of Towers of Gold, her website contains additional information about Hellman. She is the great great granddaughter of Hellman.


Long Beach City Resources


Long Beach Lawn to Garden Program
There is a grant program to convert your lawn into a drought tolerant yard

Whose Job Flyer.
This is a PDF file of the numbers that you can use to call for city services.

District 2: Suja Lowenthal
This is the city website for those in the neighborhood residing in District 2.

District 1: Robert Garcia
This is the city website for those in the neighborhood residing in District 1.

Long Beach Neighborhood Services Bureau.
This is one of the major support services for Long Beach Historical Districts.

Long Beach Code Enforcement
Obviously code is a factor with historical districts.

Long Beach City Graffiti Removal Program
This is a blight issue. If you have graffiti issues, go to the website to find out how to remove it.


Long Beach Historical Neighborhoods

Long Beach Press Telegram, "Know Your Neighbor" by Greg Mellen
A detailed special report in 2005 by the LB Press Telegram about historical neighborhoods in Long Beach. It addresses some of the challenges. Things have markedly improved in our district with the addition of the mural and the pending construction of the pocket park on Orange.

Belmont Heights Community Association

Bluff Heights

California Heights

Rose Park Neighborhood Association

Willmore City Drake Park


Historical Parks in and around Long Beach, CA

Rancho Los Alamitos
This Adobe is often associated with the Alamitos Family as well as the Bixby family.

Rancho Los Cerritos
Another adobe closely associated with the Bixby family.

Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum
The adobe was moved to this location near North Long Beach. It was associated with the Dominguez family, as well as the Carson, Del Amo and Watson families.

Real Estate Companies focusing on Craftsman Homes

REMax, Steffie Hands and Rochelle Kramer






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